Wrongful Death

Any death is tragic… but wrongful death is a crime…

In a wrongful death case, the tragedy of losing a loved one is compounded by the knowledge that someone was at fault. Wrongful death cases are brought against individuals or parties whose negligent or wrongful action causes another’s death.

If a manufacturer’s automotive defect leads to a car accident death, a patient dies on the operating table due to surgeon error, or a drunk driver kills a loved one, the family of the victim is entitled to sue for wrongful death. In many cases, families may be entitled to restitution for medical and funeral expenses, emotional grief, and loss of the victim’s future earning potential.

If you have suffered the loss of someone you love due to the negligent or wrongful action of another, an experienced and aggressive wrongful death attorney can help you hold the responsible party accountable.

Time is of the essence…

California only allows a person two years to file a claim for wrongful death against private persons, businesses and corporations with an exception allowing children to file up to age 19, and further excepting cases of delayed discovery.

The statute of limitations for children against public entities (state, county, city, or a host of districts, ie. irrigation district, fire district, etc.) is one year. All claimants against public entities, including children, must file an administrative claim within six months of injury or death and are allowed an additional six months to file a late claim.

Failure to file within the time required by law results in the statute of limitations (SOL) defense barring the claim. Claims filed after the SOL are disallowed, cannot be prosecuted and are valueless. The SOL defense is absolute. So it’s very important that you contact us before the statute of limitations runs out

During this difficult time, let our experienced Law Firm take the burden off of your shoulders. We understand your grief and will do everything possible to make this process as painless as possible.


We can help you… and you’ll pay nothing out of pocket for our services. We receive our fee from the settlement or court ordered compensation in your case. If we aren’t successful, we don’t get paid… it’s that simple. You can be very sure that we will fight hard for your rights.

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